About Us

Who doesn’t love toys?

Cottage Toys was conceived by Donna Rork, a former Windsurf Instructor, for one simple reason. “To get toys to play with”. The same passion and enthusiasm that drove her over 34 years ago is even greater today. Cottage Toys has grown into one of Canada’s largest and most reputable retailers of watersports and surf lifestyle.
Cottage Toys is located in Lakefield Ontario with a seasonal satelite location on Stoney Lake. Cottage Toys offers our customers over 35 years of experience, amazing selection, knowledgeable staff, great prices and Canada direct service.

Why Buy Canadian?

When considering your purchase there are a lot of options available. There are things you may not be aware of when you bring items in from the US. The first is support. US retailers can NOT give you warranty in Canada, This means if you purchase state side you will incur shipping charges back to the States to have your items repaired or replaced. We at Cottage Toys can in most cases replace warrantied items to our customers at no charge to them.

Fit is another reason. We will make sure you get the right product and fit, If they don’t fit, No Problem. We will exchange your items without those shipping charges. It’s like having a Proshop in your house. Next is price. The price advertised on US sites will not be the true cost of the item. All products are subject to a 7% duty when crossing the border and you will still need to pay the HST. Shipping can be very costly as well.

Canadian Pride. By supporting retailers in Canada you support more than just the retailer. Cottage Toys supports grass roots events for water sports in Canada as well as many Charities in the communities we are in. Things like Cancer Research, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Big Brothers and Sisters, Minor Hockey and countless fundraiser Dinners.

So by Making your Purchase Canadian you support other Canadians.