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The Aquaglide Ricochet 12 Park is a 3 piece set that includes the items described below.

One of the most popular products optimized for maximum fun, the Ricochet 12.0 Bouncer is an excellent alternative to Aquaglide spring trampolines. With its 12-foot diameter, the Ricochet 12.0 is ideal for smaller families with kids up to 10-years old. High-quality fully welded Duratex™ construction means the Ricochet 12.0 is built for years of worry-free fun and includes a C-Deck boarding platform for easier access than a rope ladder. Integrated D-rings provide attachment points for optional slide and log accessories or other Aquaglide residential park accessories.

The Ricochet slide adds a load of fun and a whole new dimension to the Ricochet 12.0 bouncer with the optional 7-foot small slide. Each slide is designed to connect to the D-rings that come pre-installed on Aquaglide waterpark items and is not suitable for use as a standalone item or with waterpark products from other brands. If you’re looking to expand your waterpark, the Small Ricochet/Recoil Slide is a must-have item.

The 50/50 Log is a challenging balance feature that gets its name from your chances of reaching the end without taking an unintended swim. The log adds fun and diversity to any Recoil tramp or Ricochet bouncer and connects with pre-installed log D-rings. The 50/50 Log is not intended as a standalone item or use with waterpark products from other brands.

Add the Aquaglide Complete mooring kit and make anchoring a breeze. 

  • Best For: Bounce, slide and balance with this perfect combination of aquapark pieces.
  • Capacity: 1-3 dependent upon activity
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited
  • Dimensions: L 12′ x W 12′ x H 2.6′
  • Min Water Depth: 8 ft

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